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Those of us Against TSPLOST won’t be going to Hawaii

Posted by on April 12, 2012
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An article in The Saporta Report this week talked about the campaign strategy for the pro-TSPLOST groups.  Sounds like they just want all of us to just go to Hawaii so we won’t be around for the vote.  I have news for them: All of their Special Interest Groups have gotten their hands on our money and we don’t have any left for a vacation, much less a trip to Hawaii.  We are here to stay and will continue to counter their disinformation campaign.

Article Excerpt:

“We’ll divide them by ‘hard no,’ ‘hard yes,’ and ‘swing.’ We’ll ignore the ‘hard no’s’ and have them go to Hawaii, maybe, on the 31st [election day]. We’ll target swing voters and educate them more about what we’re doing and what this about.”

via Campaign strategy: TV ads for transportation sales tax show no local leader, nor any living creature | SaportaReport.

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