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Cobb County Civic Coalition Minor Modifications Presentation now Online

The Cobb County Civic Coalition made a presentation at the March 25th Cobb BOC meeting during the Public Comment Section about problems with “Minor Modifications” and how one Minor Modification has cost the County over $1 Million. The County now has the presentation online at Tab 3:  

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Cobb’s New Braves Tax District to Tax Personal Property along with Real Property

Businesses in Cobb County that find themselves in the new “Cumberland Special Services District II” may get an even bigger surprise come September when they get their tax bills.  Not only will the new Braves Stadium tax subsidy increase real property tax bills, it will also increase personal property tax bills. This new tax was … Continue reading »

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OPT-OUT of having Cobb EMC “Round Up” your money

If you are like me, you probably missed the Cobb EMC Operation Round Up insert in your recent bill.  Most of us throw away these junk inserts that come in our monthly bill without giving it much thought. The rest of us get ebills and simply look at the amount owed, due date and make … Continue reading »

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Cobb Elected Officials Want a Pay Raise, but Residents Only See an INCREASE in TAXES

While Cobb County residents just saw a pay cut thanks to the payroll tax increase, Chairman Lee is considering asking the state legislature for a pay raise for Cobb elected officials. This pay raise would not apply to the state legislators, but would apply to County officials including, but not limited to, the Chairman, Commissioners, … Continue reading »

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