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Cobb County Civic Coalition Minor Modifications Presentation now Online

The Cobb County Civic Coalition made a presentation at the March 25th Cobb BOC meeting during the Public Comment Section about problems with “Minor Modifications” and how one Minor Modification has cost the County over $1 Million. The County now has the presentation online at Tab 3:  

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Cobb’s Fee in Lieu of Detention Program has the County Gasping for Air

Minor Modifications Part III While researching Minor Modifications and their abuses in Cobb County, I stumbled upon yet another program that I believe is majorly flawed and harming the taxpayers.  That program is called “Fee in Lieu of Detention”.  This is the type of Minor Modification that Cobb used in the previous example of Z-128 from … Continue reading »

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A Timeline for Disaster

Minor Modifications Part II One of the specific cases of abuse of the Minor Modification process the Cobb County Civic Coalition investigated was Z-128 from 2005.  I have put together a timeline of events that I uncovered from online research and numerous open records requests: June 2, 2005 – Zoning Application submitted to the County for … Continue reading »

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One Cobb Minor Modification cost taxpayers over $1 Million

Minor Modifications Part I The Cobb County Civic Coalition (CCCC) has been urging Cobb County for several years to change its process for Minor Modifications.  Their primary concerns with minor modifications in Cobb include: Occur AFTER the public hearing and BOC Final Zoning Decision No Public Notification No Public Input No Public Disclosure Before or … Continue reading »

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Cobb County Civic Coalition requests Cobb BOC rescind July 24th Vote

The Cobb County Civic Coalition released this statement on their website today: The Cobb County Civic Coalition (CCCC) respectfully requests the Cobb Board of Commissioners rescind their July 24th vote on the $3 million Environmental Impact Study (EIS). On July 24th, one week prior to the TSPLOST vote and also prior to the conclusion of … Continue reading »

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