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OPT-OUT of having Cobb EMC “Round Up” your money

Posted by on August 18, 2013
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If you are like me, you probably missed the Cobb EMC Operation Round Up insert in your recent bill.  Most of us throw away these junk inserts that come in our monthly bill without giving it much thought. The rest of us get ebills and simply look at the amount owed, due date and make sure it looks correct, pay the bill and move on.  I guess Cobb EMC is hoping we aren’t paying attention because they are starting a new program in February called “Operation Round Up”.

Interesting name they have given the program – it “rounds up” customers money and gives it to others.  They seem to think that they know how to spend your money better than you.  It sounds like a program the government would come up with.

Their explanation is that they will round up your bill to the nearest dollar and then the Cobb EMC Community Foundation Board of Directors will administer the funds and determine which “charitable and educational projects in our communities” to give the funds to.

As their website states:

Beginning February 1, 2014, all Cobb EMC members will be automatically enrolled in Operation Round Up and will remain in the program until they request to be removed from it. New Cobb EMC members are currently auto-enrolled. To opt out, simply fill out our online opt out form by February 1. (emphasis added)

Yes, it may be an optional program, but it is the OPT-OUT part that irks me.  If they were truly looking out for their customers, it would be an OPT-IN program.  As it works now, you have to know about the program and actively opt-out of it.  Many Cobb EMC customers I have talked to have never heard of “Operation Round Up”.

I give my time and money to the charities and non-profits of my choice and I do not need a group of individuals at Cobb EMC deciding this for me.  I will be completing their online OPT-OUT form.  The government redistributes enough of my money, I don’t need my electric company redistributing it as well.  Click HERE to OPT-OUT today!

Cobb EMC Bill Insert:

CobbEMC RoundUp

10 Responses to OPT-OUT of having Cobb EMC “Round Up” your money

  1. Dr. Bill Hudson

    The newly installed Cobb EMC Board of Directors is apparently just as corrupt and elitist as the one we got rid of last year!

  2. Dr. Bill Hudson

    The newly installed Cobb EMC Board of Directors is apparently just as corrupt and elitist as the one we got rid of last year! They should be ashamed of themselves for taking it as their responsibility to force donations for their “Round Up” Your Money scheme, so that they can appear magnanimous at forming a charity with our money! If they wanted to do something like this, then they should have asked folks to Opt-In for their ill conceived “Round Up” your money charity scheme! But what do you expect from a group of progressive cronies, that even though they did not vote for the Smart Meters to be installed without asking members(customers) if they wanted to Opt-In, as Federal Law States, but force the members to have them installed, whether they wanted them or not, and to follow through with the mistake that the previous Board of Directors made, because it was said to be too costly to undo the whole mess?! So, maybe not now, but in the future they’ll make it easy for the NSA, DHS, CIA, FBI, or whatever alphabet agency to collect privacy information from innocent citizens, members, or whomever happens to be over at your house equipped with your freakin’ Smart Meter! I’m just sayin’…

  3. Terry Kingery

    Cant believe with all the corruption & bad press that has happened recently at Cobb EMC that they would do something this stupid & really deceptive. Most customers will not realize their money is being taken from them as it is an automatic donation unless a customers reads the fine print included with their bill & spends 10 minutes opting out of it on the computer or filling out the card & having to mail it. While I give to the charities I know and elect to give to, Cobb EMC doesn’t even list the charities they are giving our money to so no one knows where the money is going. This is very poor business!

  4. West Cobber

    I like to decide my own charitable contributions and I do not need an EMC doing this – particularly one as corrupt as Cobb EMC. I mean WTF – you’re automatically opted in unless you opt out? Next thing that will happen is Cobb EMC will begin “slamming” charges on their bills in cahoots with rouge marketeers in the way land-line phone companies did in the 2000 era.

  5. Rudy D

    Go to the Cobb EMC web site and take a look at the so called “charities” they are giving this Round Up money to. Many of the organizations are closely associated with far left wing causes and support radical extremist left wing ideology. Barrack Hussein Obama definitely approves of the Round Up program, since it supports all of his favorite charities.

  6. Jim Berry

    Just noticed this “round-up” in my recent bill – took me a minute to catch it, but we also handle our subdivision front entrance lighting so have 3 bills each month and the “even dollar” amounts caught my attention.

    Wow, is this even legal?? If a public utility can arbitrarily change the amount of my bill to suit their whim, where does it end?

  7. Rahul

    I opted out online but wasn’t sure so even called the customer service and confirmed with them. They had no record so they opted me out over phone. I also asked them to credit me for every charge they have made so far for this program. Unbelievable that a company can do that. I am sure down the road I will receive a post card about my share in a civil lawsuit that someone is sure to bring, and the cooperative will lose because of the ill conceived stupid plan of some directors. just because the end result may be charity, doesn’t mean you can deceive people to pay for it. Pay from your own big pockets you stupid rich directors if you are so interested in the program.

  8. Jackson EMC customer

    Jackson EMC started this same program, in the same way, 7 or 8 years ago. According to this month’s newsletter “the Board of Directors awarded a total of $83,795 in grants during their March meeting.” It took me 4 years to realize what they’d done and to opt out, but I decided that I must have been the only one who noticed.

  9. John Lowry

    The Cobb EMC Round Up charge is a Rip Off! They are counting on people not seeing the additional charge on their monthly bill. Twice I called Cobb EMC customer service and twice I emailed them the Opt Out form. Yet, I continue to be charged this illegal Round Up fee. I deducted it from my payment, and now my bill is in past due status. The new Cobb EMC board of directors is more crooked than the old one. The so called charities they give this money to do not reflect community values, and many of them are politically oriented. What a hoot, they say it is a voluntary fee, so why is my account in past due status for refusing to pay the Round Up fee?

  10. Laurie

    It’s 03/2016 and I just noticed this extra charge. It really REALLY angers me that a utility company is able to do something like this. They probably stole a good 25.00 from me over this. And I say STOLE because I did not give express permission for them to charge me this extra amount. Those people are crooks in my book.

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