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Braves Oust Turtles and Drain Retention Pond

Posted by on March 28, 2014
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From their video online, it looks like the Braves have already drained a man-made stormwater retention pond on the property they recently purchased in Cobb.  There is no mention of what stormwater measures they are implementing on the property so that they don’t flood their neighbors.  Maybe Cobb will just allow them to do a Fee-in-Lieu of Detention and taxpayers will be stuck with an even larger bill than the Braves have already stuck us with.  Check out the VIDEO they have posted on their site:

Just hours later, after draining most of the water from a man-made water retention pond on the property, we worked with wildlife experts and our soon-to-be-neighbors, the Boys Scouts of America, and relocated wildlife that had settled near the pond.

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